Top 5 Reasons To Plan Your Holiday Party Now

  • October 21, 2016

Are you starting to plan your personal or corporate holiday party and don’t know where to start?  Need a great caterer in the Capital District?  We have your answers!  Contact LT’s Grill today to start planning!

Even though the trees have just changed exchanged their summer green to fall hues, now is the best time to start to look ahead to your personal or corporate holiday party.  Everyone knows that all great parties start with great food! We at LT’s Grill offer many catering services throughout the Capital District and can help with everything from the initial planning phase through the end of the party itself.  Here are our top 5 reasons you should start planning now!

Venue Variety

Everyone knows that the best venues book fast and with many people leading busy lives it’s easy to let this one slip through the cracks.  Don’t let this happen to you!  This can prove to be a very costly mistake.  You will find the very best rates for venues now but closer to the date of your gathering it will cost you more or even create a situation in which your preferred venue is completely booked.  Don’t be left out in the cold and book now!

Your Budget

Waiting until the last minute will definitely effect your bottom line.  Waiting can cause you to have to pay more than you planned or cause you to have to do without critical services all together.  Know your budget and shop now so that you can stay within it.

Get Booked

Found your dream venue and services?  Great.  Now get them booked!  This is essential in making sure that you are both organised and a priority on your vendors lists.  The longer you wait the more the price jumps and the more likely you are to find they are no longer available.

Allow Guests to Book Travel

This seems like a simple concept but if you have people who are not local in town, they too need to make arrangements.  They may need to book travel arrangements as well as hotels and such.  The earlier you have your party arrangements, the earlier your guests can prepare as well!

Get Guests Excited

The best part of getting everything planned and booked early is that you have lots of time to get your guests excited.  With ample time to promote your gathering you can get everyone excited to attend!  Who want’s to go through all of the steps of planning a holiday party and have nobody show up for it because you had no time to promote attendance?