Stars for our Troops

  • June 15, 2015

Stars for our Troops takes retired American flags with embroidered Stars, removes the washed Stars, cuts into a pentagon and places into a small pouch with the message:

“I am part of our American flag that has flown over the U.S.A.  I can no longer fly. The sun and winds have caused me to become tattered and torn. Please carry me as a reminder that You are not forgotten.”


These Stars are distributed around the world to those in the military – currently serving and those that served as well as to any First Responders.

I also bring blank Thank You cards for the children to color. These cards are sent to our military currently serving with Stars. They are also given to veterans on the Honor Flights as well as nursing homes.

I would like to share a bag of Stars with you so you know what they are and can distribute to anyone you meet that is a veterans or first responder. OR join us on the first Tuesday of the month and enjoy the activity.

Ms. Susan Wells
Founder – Stars for our Troops
Visit the Stars For Our Troops Website to learn more!


Stars for our Troops meets at LT’s Grill on the first Tuesday of every month from 6 to 8 PM. All are invited to come and help trim stars!